Corrective Jaw Surgery

If you’re in need of corrective jaw surgery, trust Gilbert’s finest oral surgeon, Dr. Wilson.

Why Would You Need Corrective Jaw Surgery?

Before and after of an actual patient after corrective jaw surgery
From the moment you step inside our office for your first consultation, you’ll receive exceptional, compassionate care from our doctor and team. People who benefit from corrective jaw surgery may include those with improper bite due to irregular growth of the upper and lower jaw, trauma, or birth defects. These scenarios often negatively affect your chewing function, speech, and even appearance.

What can you expect?

Dr. Wilson’s goal during this life-changing treatment is to reposition the jawbones according to your needs. This might include bone grafting, removal of bone, or reshaping of the bone structure. Surgical plates, screws, or wires may be used to hold your jaw in its new position. The final result is a perfectly aligned upper and lower jaw, with restored structure and function.

Dr. Wilson’s Oral Surgery Tools

Advanced Training & Technology

As an experienced oral surgeon, Dr. Wilson has the advanced training and diagnostic tools needed to determine which type of corrective jaw surgery is appropriate for you. Using comprehensive facial x-rays and modern CT 3D imaging, he can detect the best position for your jaw and develop a treatment plan that will produce high-quality results.

Beautiful Results

While corrective jaw surgery will improve jaw alignment and bite, many patients also experience an improvement in their appearance! To learn more about our comprehensive Phoenix and Gilbert jaw surgery services, contact us today.
Jennifer who is an actual corrective jaw surgery patient at Dr. Spencer G. Wilson
"Dr. Wilson went above and beyond to ensure that my corrective jaw surgery went as smoothly as possible. The follow-up from Dr. Wilson and his staff was incredible. He made sure that my recovery was as fast as possible with no complications."
- Jennifer

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