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Pre-Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontics today has the ability to transform a number of conditions affecting your smile. However, situations exist in which orthodontic treatment can’t begin or progress without surgical intervention.

When trauma, disease, or growth issues are present, you may be referred to a specialist before continuing with your treatment in orthodontics. Gilbert, Phoenix, Mesa, and Casa Grande area oral surgeon, Dr. Wilson, has the training and experience needed to perform pre-orthodontic treatment.

Pre-orthodontic treatment may be especially helpful for patients experiencing:

  • Extra teeth
  • Teeth in the wrong position
  • Teeth growing in the wrong direction
  • Teeth blocking other teeth from growing in
  • Cysts or tumors

Often these are conditions that need to be managed before your orthodontist can begin moving your teeth to accomplish a straight, beautiful new smile. Pre-orthodontic treatment is appropriate for patients of all ages who have a condition preventing the proper placement of braces.

While it may be nerve-racking to know you or your child may need oral surgery in order to complete orthodontics, our Mesa, Casa Grande, Phoenix, and Gilbert practices were designed to help our patients feel relaxed. Our cozy offices and friendly staff are here to help you feel comfortable throughout your care. Also, Dr. Wilson is licensed to deliver the most effective forms of sedation, depending on the type of treatment being performed and the level of anxiety you may experience.

If you’ve been told you may need the aid of an oral and facial surgeon prior to beginning orthodontics, Gilbert, Phoenix, Mesa, and Casa Grande specialist, Dr. Wilson, can help. Contact The Maxillofacial Surgery Center for your consultation today.