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Full Arch Restoration

Teeth-in-a-Day—It’s Possible!

You CAN replace cumbersome dentures or painful, failing teeth with an award-winning secure smile—all on the same day!

“It’s too good to be true,” you say? Think again. At The Maxillofacial Surgery Center, Dr. Wilson regularly makes it a reality for his patients in Gilbert, Phoenix, Mesa, and Casa Grande. Here’s how our unique dental implant placement technique offers you permanent teeth-in-a-day, while still achieving the highest aesthetic results:

Advanced Technology!

While dental implants are certainly not new to the scene, a number of recent developments have made the procedure quicker, less invasive, less expensive and more predictably successful than ever.

Of course, a full examination including a 3D CT bone scan is first necessary to fully assess your individual situation and dental condition. If you’re deemed a good candidate, there are several benefits to look forward too!

Benefits of Teeth-in-a –Day

*More affordable than ever! Conventional dental implant procedures typically require anywhere from six to twelve implants per arch. Using a procedure called All-on-4, Dr. Wilson can place a permanent set of teeth on only four strategically placed implants per arch. Fewer implants means reduced cost and time, and the savings are passed on to you, the patient!

*Fewer appointments, Faster Recovery. Traditionally, receiving dental implants requires a number of dental visits, long surgical procedures and a recovery time that runs into months. We can eliminate that by placing four implants at optimal angles which will make best use of your existing bone. Invasive, uncomfortable procedures, such as bone-grafting can now often be avoided. The best part—we make it happen, in just one day!

*No shiftiness here! Say goodbye to loose dentures or fragile teeth. With your full arch restoration held securely by the All-on-4 solution, you can enjoy ordering whatever you want off the menu!

*Self-confidence Shines! With a custom-made, gorgeous set of teeth designed by our master lab technicians, your newly transformed smile can have you reaping the social/functional benefits immediately!

Some things appear just too good to be true, but fortunately, acquiring a fantastic new smile in only one day doesn’t have to be one of them for residents of Gilbert, Phoenix, Mesa, Casa Grande, and surrounding areas.

Contact Dr. Wilson at The Maxillofacial Surgery Center today and achieve the spectacular smile you’ve always wanted and faster than you ever thought was possible.