Wisdom TeethThere could be a number of reasons why you would need an extraction. It could be for the preparation for orthodontic work, lack of space in the mouth, sever decay or infection, or removal of the wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth extractions are one of the most common forms of extractions, especially for older teens.

Some of the many reasons to have your wisdom teeth removed include:

Wisdom teeth do not fit in your mouth – Your mouth is meant to hold 28 teeth, and when the wisdom teeth erupt, your mouth can become overcrowded causing impact and misalignment.

Greater risks for bacterial infections – You might start experiencing pain in your gums, which is the result from infections. Improper positioning gives bacteria the opportunity to grow, thus leading to infections.

May cause damage or crowding to surrounding teeth and roots – Your wisdom teeth come in sideways causing your teeth to shift and mover over time. Also, your mouth becomes overcrowded and could potentially damage surrounding teeth.

A cyst may form around the wisdom tooth – This occurs when a sac next to the tooth becomes filled with fluid, which can destroy the surrounding structures of the tooth including bone and tooth roots.

At The Maxillofacial Surgery Center, we can remove wisdom teeth in our Gilbert, AZ, office. We specialize in oral surgery making extractions one of our main focuses. Whether you need an extraction to remove a diseased tooth or overcrowded wisdom teeth, we will make sure your appointment is a comfortable and efficient experience.

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