Sedation dentistry in GilbertWhen it comes to oral surgery, it can be a bit stressful. At The Maxillofacial Surgery Center, Dr. Wilson is accredited to provide modern sedation dentistry in Gilbert to make you feel relaxed and comfortable during your procedure.

Sedation dentistry in Gilbert, AZ, can put your stress and anxieties to rest, and have your surgery a comforting experience. With his advanced training, Dr. Wilson offers a wide scope of sedation dentistry methods including:

Local anesthesia: You will be awake and conscious during the procedure, but you will not feel a thing. This is a great solution for minor procedures including soft-tissue and tooth extractions.

Nitrous oxide: Also known as laughing gas. A mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen will be administered through a nasal breathing device, allowing you to be conscious, but in a relaxed state.  

Oral sedation: This painless-administration involves taking a pill an hour before your appointment, allowing you to be relaxed during your procedure. You’ll be awake, but will hardly remember the procedure.

Intravenous sedation: This wonderful sedation allows you to be relaxed and in control of your entire treatment. You will feel calm and comfortable, and may even drift in and out of sleep during the procedure.

General anesthesia: Depending on the nature of your procedure, general anesthesia will put you in a deep sleep and you will wake up having no memory of the procedure.

All these sedation methods are safe and effective when performed by a licensed and experienced professional like Dr. Wilson. We want your experience to be as comfortable and efficient as possible, and sedation dentistry can contribute a big deal to your procedure.

Give us a call today, and ask how we can incorporate sedation dentistry into your procedure.