Phoenix Dental Implants

It’s common to be leery of what you don’t understand. Unfortunately, that’s why some people put off getting much needed dental assistance. Are you one of them? It shouldn’t be that way! It’s important you understand the options you have available.

Shedding Light on Phoenix Dental Implants

You’ve probably heard that implants bring a lot to the table when it comes to addressing toothless grins—durability, functionality, and they look amazing! That’s why in providing a long-term solution for missing teeth, here at the Maxillofacial Surgery Center, we often recommend dental implants to our patients. How does a dental implant work though? Let’s pull back the curtain and get behind the scenes to reveal the basic elements of the seemingly mysterious dental implant

The 3 Parts of a Dental Implant

Dental implants have become a patient favorite in comparison to other available dental options. A main factor is the unique 3-part composition of these modern-day masterpieces. The three basic parts of a dental implant include:

1. Implant root—This titanium, bio-compatible screw is surgically attached to the jawbone with extreme precision. Over a period of time, it fuses and becomes a permanent part of the bone by means of a process known as osseointegration. Anchored to the jaw, it provides decades of complete stability while also helping prevent bone loss often encountered with tooth loss.

2. Abutment—Once the implant root/screw is securely locked into place, this titanium piece is attached to that root and serves as the middle-man between the root and the crown.

3. Crown—A custom-made, durable porcelain tooth that’s securely attached to the abutment and used to fill the empty space resulting from a lost tooth. A crown is similar to natural teeth in both appearance and strength. It’s highly efficient in boosting the appearance of your smile without advertising “I have an artificial tooth!”

Understanding the anatomy of a dental implant helps reveal why it’s the superior choice in resolving issues associated with tooth loss. With his years of experience, and utilization of high-tech implant technology, Dr. Wilson’s can ensure that his dental implants give Gilbert, Phoenix, Mesa, and Casa Grande residents the youthful, healthy looking smiles they can be proud of for years to come. Book your appointment today!

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