Dr. Wilson, an oral surgeon in Mesa, AZ, explains a dental X-ray to his patient

Feel calm and relaxed from the moment you walk in the door with our patient amenities and advanced technology.

Comforts & Technology

The Maxillofacial Surgery Center is focused on excellence in patient care. Dr. Wilson is among the top dental surgeons for Gilbert, Phoenix, Mesa, and Casa Grande, and has the expertise and experience needed to enhance the latest technologies in oral surgery. With this skill and experience, combined with our focused attention on your comfort, you can trust your time with our team will leave you feeling at ease every step of your care.

Our goal is to create an atmosphere of comfort and care throughout your treatment. In order to accomplish this, we have fashioned a warm, soothing environment, where our compassionate team can focus on making every visit enjoyable.

Our Mesa, AZ oral surgeon amenities include:

When considering your options for dental surgeons in the Gilbert, Phoenix, Casa Grande and Mesa areas, choosing one who is current with the latest technologies and procedures is important. Dr. Wilson dedicates his personal time to continued education, ensuring he remains in the forefront of his profession as it evolves. His specialized training and years of experience have made him proficient in the most modern techniques and services such as sedation and 3D imaging.

As one of the only practices in the area with the Cone Beam CT scanner, our 3D technology provides higher quality and more accurate results than other types of imaging. With these 3D images, and the use of other state-of-the-art technologies, Dr. Wilson can elevate his care to a higher standard by providing more accurate diagnoses, developing better treatment plans, and helping patients be exposed to less radiation. When in our care, you can feel confident that you are in the most competent hands and that the best technology is available and understood.

Visit us at The Maxillofacial Surgery Center, and discover the many reasons why Dr. Wilson is ranked among the very best dental surgeons in Gilbert, Phoenix, Mesa, and Casa Grande. Contact our office today to schedule your consultation!